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Whatsapp is one of the most used smart phone messengers online. Almost everyone who has a smartphone has whatsapp. So, obviously, it is targeted by hackers ans spies very often. There are tons of softwares now, to spy on someone’s whatsapp conversations. There are ways to do it for free and there are paid softwares too but, unless you’re a coding expert, you probably won’t be able to spy on someone’s whatsapp conversations for free, meaning, on your own. You’ll have to use paid softwares. There are many softwares online that claim to be free and require you to fill out surveys and forms but they’re probably just spam. The real deal is always one that asks you to pay. Let’s take a look at the 3 best whatsapp spy softwares online, taking into consideration everything from price to usability.


Top 4 Whatsapp Spy Softwares

Before we get started, let me assure you that these softwares have been duly tested by our experts and are all legitimate.


1. MSpy

  • Price: Free Demo Version; Paid Version: $20-$200 USD
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac
  • Rating: 4.3/5
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mSpy is a really good spyware and whatsapp spy and it can be used to spy on all the activities on a smart phone like call logs, SMS, Facebook, Skype, browser history, etc. It is undetectable and manages to track every aspect of the target phone. You receive reports and notifications every time the target phone is used for any activity whatsoever. The target phone does require an active internet connection, though.

Installation of the mSpy application on the target phone is fairly easy and the app doesn’t all the hard work for you. Once installed, it’ll automatically start analysing the phone’s activity and send reports directly to the mSpy software installed on your PC. The app can be hidden to protect against deletion and cannot be found so easily by the target user. The software itself is pretty neatly and user-friendly. It has a dashboard that shows you a live feed of the target’s activity and updates very frequently.

mSpy cannot be used to track phones that don’t have the mSpy app installed, so it’s not your usual hacker’s software. The main idea behind it is for parents to be able to track their children’s phone activity(not just as a whatsapp spy) so that they can protect them from immoral activities. mSpy is compatible with both android and iPhone and does not require rooting an android phone or jailbreaking an iPhone in order for it to be compatible.

Apart from this, mSpy also has really good customer support and constant updates to help you have the best user experience while playing Dark Knight for your kids. Try it out and let us know if you think it’s the best whatsapp spy.

whatsapp spy
mspy, whatsapp spy



2. Spyera

  • Price: $189 USD (3 months-smartphone), $149 USD(3 months-tablet), $489 USD(All-in-one, 1 year)
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Blackberry, Symbian
  • Rating: 4.5/5
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Spyera is a newer, more sophisticated spying software with capabilities of hacking applications. Besides monitoring phone calls, texts and GPS locations, it can also track all the target phone/tablet’s passwords and can even listen to phone calls live. It also has something called ‘Ambient listening’ by which you can make an undetected call to listen to the surroundings. This is a feature, until recently exclusive to spyera and is pretty cool too. Also, you can send an undetected message from the target phone to any number of your choice. This could come in handy if your daughter’s texting with someone you don’t like and want her to break it off with him. So its obviously more than just a whatsapp spy.

Besides these cool features, spyera has pretty much the same spying features as mSpy and like mSpy it has 24-hour customer support and gets regular updates. What makes spyera so cool is that it is very tough to detect and since it was developed for 6 years, it lives up to the standard of a professional hacking application. The only downside is the you have to jail-break/root the mobile device that you want to install the spyera app onto. But it’s totally worth it, considering the level of security and tracking capability spyera offers. Another bummer is the price, which, I must honestly say, is actually pretty genuine since you get a ton of features for that kind of money. Try it out and let us know if you think it’s the best whatsapp spy.

whatsapp spy
spyera, whatsapp spy


  • Price – Basic Edition: $49.99 (1 month), $69.99 (3 months), and $99.99 (1-Year)
    Price – Premium Edition: $59.99 (1 month), $99.99 (3 months), and $149.99 (1-Year)
  • Supported OS: Android (rooted/non-rooted) and iOS (jailbreak/no-jailbreak)
  • Rating 4.7/5
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XNSPY is a relatively cheap monitoring and tracking app for Android and iOS devices. Unlike many of its rivals, Xnspy has kept its focus on two of the most popular OS right now – Android and iOS. It has been continuously tweaked and optimized for these platforms, so much so that it has turned into a highly compact yet feature rich app. Xnspy does not take up much space and uses minimum resources to achieve its tasks; meaning it doesn’t drain the battery nor slows down the device it is installed on. The app owner has the choice of leaving it visible or invisible, if it is in stealth mode then it’s extremely difficult to detect and near impossible to uninstall from the device. It can only be done through the actions of the app owner.

The Xnspy customer support team is always ready to help and even xnspy’s two packages – the basic and the premium were designed with the customer in mind. The packages allow greater freedom for the customer to choose; if they do not require certain advanced functionalities then they are not forced to pay for them and can choose the basic plan. These two packages are a customer-centric feature that its competitors do not offer; customers are forced to pay high amounts even when they do not require the functionality. Xnspy has all the basic monitoring and tracking features such as whatsapp monitoring, call logs, call recording, text monitoring (SMS, IM Chats, and Email), Internet Activity Monitoring, Location tracking, geo-fencing, remote lock and remove all data and many others. If you would like to know more about this small yet powerful app please visit

XNSPY Application - Best Whatsapp Spying
XNSPY Application – Best Whatsapp Spying


4. Flexispy

  • Price: $68 USD (1 month premium), $99 USD(1 month extreme)
  • Supported OS: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Blackberry, Symbian
  • Rating: 4.0/5
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Flexispy has some top-notch features and has built upon them over the course of time. Again, this too, like the others, is not just a whatsapp spy. It’s a mobile spying software. It now has 150 features dedicated totally to spying and is just as capable as mSpy and spyera. What sets Flexispy apart from the others is its ability to mask its app better than any other spying application and greater tracking and spying capabilities.

Coupled with that is a great, user-friendly UI that helps you manage all the data received from the target. The downside of Flexispy, like spyera is the need to jail-break/root the target smart phone/ tablet. Besides that, I don’t have anything bad to say about Flexispy. Just make sure to check if the target device is compatible with Flexispy before your get it. Try it out and let us know if you think it’s the best whatsapp spy.


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