The Art Of Writing Perfect Essay – How To Achieve It ?

If you are a student then, you must be knowing the dire need of writing essays in order to complete assignments. If it’s just one essay, then we will find it interesting to complete it but, if every teacher gives an essay then it’s a hectic work for us to complete. So, today we are sharing few tips which will help you to write better essays with in a less time because we know that you are having very less time and that’s the reason you landed on our page 😛 Anyway, go ahead and find few tips and we kept it short such that it won’t waste your precious time. perfect college essay and writing essays in college

Writing process

Nowadays students are extremely busy with building a career, starting families or even preparing other assignments rather than writing an essay. Some students are naturally great at written assignments and others have to put a lot of efforts to write any kind of academic paper.

In order to succeed in writing, students should be reading and researching while making a draft of the future essay. The sources looking through must be directly linked to the field of his paper. One of the most effective methods of work planning is writing down thoughts – creating a diagram that later will be useful for creating connections between paragraphs, they will maintain logical order and fill the gaps with further researching activity.

The whole Essay writing process is divided into following stages:

  1. First part may be called prewriting and will consist of making general ideas, describing and establishing the purpose of the research and identifying the audience. This the perfect time to make lists, and write down main ideas in order not to forget them later.
  2.  Next stage is writing and it includes the formation of body paragraphs, introductory and concluding paragraphs.
  3. Third part is revising and this phase includes analyzing and changing paragraph and sentence structure, editing grammar, word choice, usage, and punctuation if needed. Also important to double check for typos and surface errors.


Essay parts

The essay is a most common type of academic assignment that we are all familiar with. Some choose to write it without additional help, others are looking for different ways of writing a college essay – hiring reliable essay writing service. In any case, here we will tell you more about essay’s parts and how to make them work together.

STEP-1: – When writing an essay, you have to start with an introduction. In this part, you will state the main idea and introduce readers to your field of study. This part must be appealing to the reader and make him interested in your paper. In introductory part you have an opportunity to explain the reason you have chosen this topic and why consider it to be interesting. Also, it is possible to add a relevant joke to draw extra attention and to make the reader more relaxed and ready to accept new information.

STEP-2: – Next part to think about is a body of an essay where all essential information is gathered. Here student provides the detailed description of all their theories and ideas described in an essay or ways of solving some issues. The body should contain at least three or four chapters; each must include some idea which supports the main topic. It is possible providing readers with illustrations, figures. To make this part more fluent student can use linking words and phrases to connect passages, like: another possibility would be; with regard/reference to; to put it more simply/ in other words; as a result/consequence, etc.

STEP-3: – In last part, conclusion, the student is expected to analyze all the data provided in his essay and to restate his major opinion. Finally, it is necessary to proofread work few times to eliminate any possibility of mistakes, to check spelling, sense, and style, special attention should be paid to names, dates, and figures.Make sure your work has original thoughts and ideas.

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