How To Make Most Out Of Yoast SEO Plugin

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the term that has a very high value in the eyes of Google. Some people call it an art, some people call it Knowledge and some call it Experience. Whatever the word they choose we have to admit the fact that the SEO industry is ruling the online world from the beginning and now the competition gets tougher. To be brief, Getting things on track for the google rankings is called SEO. There are many tools or plugins available online to track your SEO Performance and the Yoast SEO sits in the first place among those plugins.

Google rankings define your site traffic, visitors, keywords, and even income. The higher you rank, the more traffic you generate which leads to higher income. SEO is all about the tags, descriptions, Domain authority, page authority, backlinks, spam score, and tons of other factors. To be precise, ranking for one most used product such as coffee beans online or seeds online will generate you the tons of traffic to your site and if used properly, thousands of dollars can be generated every month through those rankings.

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Yoast SEO has developed an easy WordPress plugin to track the SEO score of your site or every post. So, today we will be reviewing the Yoast SEO plugin and features which made it stand out from the others.

Best Features Of Yoast SEO

Below are the few best features of Yoast SEO plugin which will make me use the plugin daily. There are many other small features which were not mentioned here and go through the complete review of Yoast SEO for all the features.

SEO Score –

Yoast SEO developers have written a great algorithm to calculate the Yoast SEO score for every post and display the status as Green, Yellow, or Red based on the metrics we have followed in the post content. It calculates the SEO score based on the usage of keywords, meta description, internal links, alt attributes, and the length of the post. It also considers many other small factors and gives us tips to improve the SEO score.

Reading Score –

Readability is the most important thing for any blog and writing the non-readable post doesn’t make any sense. Yoast SEO plugin has introduced this feature around 2 years back by analyzing the words used, paragraphs added, and the tenses which were used in the post. This adds up a great value to the blog and we can correct those mistakes immediately before publishing the post.

Previews –

Previewing how our post looks in the search engines enable us to modify or add some more details in the header or meta description. Web surfers will see your post heading and meta description only in google and keeping it intact helps the readers to stick on your blog. This feature is the best feature which can help us to pull more users to our blog from the search engine.

Multi Keyphrases –

Every post has to be targeted on multiple keywords as targeting one keyword is not a good idea. Target multiple keywords and synonyms so that we will get a better chance of ranking it for multiple keywords and more traffic will be driven to our blog. Using Yoast premium plugin enables us to set multiple target keywords.

XML Files –

XML files are like the index page for every site and google considers this metric as a key metric for the rankings as it can get all the necessary details easily from one XML file. Yoast SEO plugin helps us to set up XML files with Ease and setting up the file is just a few clicks away.

Breadcrumbs –

Most of you must have heard of this term but not aware of what exactly does the Breadcrumbs mean. Breadcrumbs help users and google robots to navigate your site easily from one page to the main page. It helps users to switch back to the main site from any of the pages and they can read other stuff on our blog. You can enable Breadcrumbs easily with a single click in Yoast SEO and even google recently stated that breadcrumbs also help in better rankings as they define the structure of the site.

Cornerstone Content –

Best content always needs to be focused and showcased to all the readers and that’s what the cornerstone content helps. The content which is in detail and helps the reader will be marked as cornerstone content and Yoast SEO plugin will help us in interlinking the cornerstone content between the posts. Using this feature also suggests the cornerstone content, which has to be linked to the post we have added.

Meta tags and description –

Every site needs a little bit of description on what the site mainly focuses on and For suppose, the TechCrunch blog will write a description as it deals with all the latest technology news. In the same way, every blog needs an introduction line that can be set using the Yoast SEO Plugin.

If you are a newbie, SEO expert, or Webmaster then Yoast SEO handles all your requirements and for professional use I recommend you to go with the premium version which unlocks the door for multiple additional features for optimizing your site. Buy Now for unlocking the additional features

SEO plays a very crucial role for every blog as the rankings, income, views and even sponsored posts depend on your SEO score. Without any doubt, I recommend you to install the Yoast SEO free plugin for beginners and Yoast SEO pro plugin for professional SEO services.

Drop your views or opinions in the below comments section and we will be hanging around to answer your questions. Have a great day ahead and stay safe

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