Best Windows 10 Apps For Your PC/ Computer

Windows 10 apps for your pc, best productivity windows 10 apps for April, June

Apps are everywhere. Be it an Android device or iPhone or Mac or windows, you can install applications of your choice. Most of us use apps on only mobile phones and nowadays laptops and macs have got pretty useful applications which helps us in many ways from automating our lifestyles to reading news across the globe. So, today we will help you out in picking some best windows 10 apps which are absolutely free.

I don’t want to add social networks such as FB, LinkedIn, Instagram or WhatsApp as they are everywhere with the same functionality. So, let’s get into some unique and useful stuff.

Best Windows 10 Apps For Your PC/Computer

Below are the best apps for Windows 10 to increase your productivity. Go through the list of Windows 10 apps and let us know your suggestions through the comments box below.

Share it – Share Everything

Share it has gained Mac popularity as a cross-network sharing platform. You can transfer your files seamlessly by just clicking the send button. This is very much useful to laptops too as you don’t need to search for your USB cable and connect your phone to laptop. The whole transfer process is wireless and swift. Nowadays there are many alternatives to share it but still share it tops the market by pushing the regular updates to it users.

Dolby Access – Sound That Matters

If you know a little about music then you must have heard this word. Dolby access adds amazing experience to your games and movies. It almost keeps you on the screen with their effective sounds and mixes. You can install the app and watch few trailers and movies in their app for free. If you want everything to be under Dolby access then you have to purchase the premium version. One added advantage is you can enjoy the 30 days free trial without paying anything. That’s awesome right because it’s 30 days of high-quality sounds with effective mixes and that too for free.

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Saavn – Music Everywhere

Why to download every music on your PC or phone when you can listen to it online as many times you want. It not only helps in freeing up space but also helps you in listening to the music on any device. Saavn provides the free online streaming in 15 different languages and you can also create your own playlists. One added advantage here is, you can use the same account on your mobile and PC to stay in sync with your music all the time. Saavn also provides multiple radio stations to entertain you 24/7 with your favorite music in your chosen language.

Adobe Photoshop Express

Putting RAW format pictures on social networks is a very old trend and adding few effects to your pic is the latest trend. Then, Adobe photoshop express is for you and it helps you in editing your pic and adds effects to your pics. Moreover, this application is from the mighty Adobe company and they made sure that nothing got missed. This is the mini version of adobe photoshop and their cool effects.

Evernote – Take Notes Everywhere

The best note taking app ever and it’s highly recommended for taking notes. Writing an article on PC or laptop is very easy compared to typing on mobiles. The notes or articles you write on Evernote app will be saved to your Evernote account and they will get synced across all our devices by just clicking on sync button so, you can continue your works wherever you want from whatever device you choose.

Planner 5d – Build Your Dream Home

This application helps you in building your dream home easily by just dragging the walls and furniture. You can use this app for remodeling, redesigning and designing your dream home. Once your changes are done, you can view your project in 5d view which is completely awesome.

There are many items added to the list such as furniture, doors, and windows. If you want the access to entire collection then you need to purchase the premium version. There are many viewing modes available in the app which helps you in understanding your project better. We personally loved the 5d view which brings the complete home to your screen.

Apart From these productivity apps, I love using WhatsApp, Instagram, and asphalt 8. Windows 10 has been a central hub for many applications and games. So just give a try and you will surely love it.

Conclusion –

All the apps listed here are based on our experiences with Windows 10 apps and if we left any important one then I highly suggest you comment below so that we will add it to our list. Bookmark this page for future reference and we will regularly update the list as per the trend.

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