Best Drilling Machine & Brands In India 2021

Drilling machines are slowly becoming a necessity in the homes as everyone is going behind DIY (Do it yourself). Fixing a crate or assembling any kind of furniture needs a drilling machine to ease the process. There are many drilling machine manufacturers in the market and choosing the best one as per your need is one of the difficult tasks as you will be provided with multiple brands and many models with different features. I was actually looking for the best drilling machine for my household activities and have done extensive research on the drilling machines. So, today in this article I will be helping you out with the different available models along with features and which one fits your purpose.

Features To Look In Drilling Machine

First, let me go through the multiple features or options which will be available in different drilling machines.

Chuck size –

It’s the size of the drill bit we can insert in the drilling machine. To keep it short, if your Chuck size is 10 mm then you can drill the hole up to 10mm in your wall. Ideally, 10mm is sufficient for normal household purposes to fit small appliances and photo frames. To be on the safe side, 13mm Chuck size is highly preferable as it extends the scope by 3 mm and you can even drill much bigger nails into the walls.

Reversible option –

Drilling machines come with reversible and nonreversible models. Reversible models are the ones that have got the button to reverse rotate the drill bit while pulling out so that it doesn’t get stuck in between. This option is highly recommended as it helps when you are stuck in between. This is an add-on feature available for just a few additional bucks. Using this feature, you can even unscrew the existing nails in your wall.

Hammer mode –

Drilling machines are designed to drill when rotating in a clockwise direction but this force is not enough for strong structures that are built with concrete so it needs additional effort and perpendicular force on the wall. Hammer mode comes into the picture in this scenario and it makes the motion more effective by moving in perpendicular motion along with clockwise spinning. This mode is very much helpful for drilling in pillars or Strong cement structures or RCC concrete structures.

Wattage/Power –

Rotations per minute (RPM) depends on the input power and wattage. The more RPM, the greater will be the power of the drilling machine. Ideally drilling machine needs 500W power and if it crosses 1000w then more RPM will be generated resulting in greater power. For household purposes, 500-700 watt is sufficient and for cutting the slabs or pillars we need to go for greater than 1000 watts as they demand higher RPM to get the job done.

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The above mentioned are the key features we need to look in the drilling machine before buying it and there are many other small things such as drill bits, Chuck screw, and wire length which can be adjusted according to the needs.

Best Drilling Machine Brands 2021

Let’s quickly jump into the brands that manufacture the best drilling machines in India at a reasonable price. There are many local brands and international brands which has their presence in India. Please do note that we are not linked or affiliated to any of the below brands and the listing of these brands is genuinely based on our experience.

Bosch –

Bosch is a big international brand that has got a great presence across the world. Bosch has got a great brand image for their appliances and servicing. The main advantage of BOSCH is they target every minute detail to perfection.

On the other side, BOSCH makes expensive and premium appliances whatever the product category is. BOSCH drilling machine is quite expensive than other local brands with almost the same features. If you are looking for a professional drilling machine then I recommend BOSCH else you can check on other available brands which do the same work at a lesser cost in your pocket.

Black & Decker –

Black & Decker is a multi-national company that provides power tools & accessories based out of America. Black & Decker is a tough competitor for BOSCH as B&D provides multiple features at a lesser price. B&D is famous for its pricing and it serves all household purposes and DIY installations. To be precise, it’s inexpensive and serves its purpose. I personally use a B&D drilling machine and haven’t faced any issues so far. Also, B&D pricing will be around 10-15 percent lower compared to the premium BOSCH products.

Ibell –

Ibell is a local Indian manufacturing company offering quality household electrical appliances such as drilling machines. Ibell company is best known for the great features it offers and the best in market pricing. Ibell company prices will be around 40 percent lower than BOSCH and 20 percent lower than B&D. Moreover, Ibell has got great features integrated into their drilling appliances and even manufacturing wireless/cordless drill machines. 

This is the immediate go for the company if you are looking to promote local products and I highly recommend you to try their products and contribute more to the Indian economy.

There are many other brands in the local market but those are not consistent performers in the Indian market. Feel free to drop in the comments section if we missed any other brand or feature which is a must for a drilling machine.

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