How to live life with happiness & enjoy the life

Happiness is the word everyone looks for in their own life’s and it plays a crucial role in deriving your complete life. Life without happiness is life without a soul which has no meaning for existence. If you are happy today then be grateful to the persons that are in your life and remember that there are many people in the world who are not getting a chance to live close to happiness.

What’s happiness and how do you find it ?

Happiness comes from accomplishing your dreams or goals or through satisfaction. So happiness is nothing but completing your goal and achieving your target. For example, if your goal is to make a million dollars, you will become happy for achieving it and you might be setting new goals to find more happiness after few months or days.

Achieving the goal is as important as the journey you go through for achieving the goal.

If you want to be happier, then set short term goals or daily goals which can be accomplished with little efforts and helps you in making happy.

How To Be Happier ? Does money bring happiness

Happiness and money are interpreted to be linked to each other. I personally feel they are just one of the dependent factors but not completely dependent on each other. If that’s the case, all rich people travelling in luxury cars must be happier than everyone else.

There are many billionaires who are unhappy despite successes they had in their life and looking for something new which helps them to be happier. We have came across many testimonies stating the same from multiple billionaires. Achieving the goal makes you successful only until the next goal is set. Success is a journey and not a destination.

Money can’t bring happiness for the longer periods but it does make you happy for shorter periods of time for sure. It’s not inter dependent on each other but has the authority to bring down everything to you. Money is currently ruling the world as everyone gives more value to the currency than the human feelings.

How to be happier most of the times –

Being happier is always a personal choice and everyone faces the hardships in their life continuously but how they respond to the situations makes the difference. Your attitude towards your problems define your happiness.

Surround yourself with positive people –

Always surround yourself with the right people having right attitude who helps you to look at the solutions rather than problems.

Positive people will create a huge impact in your life by guiding you properly for every solution and helps you in overcoming the problem with ease. There are many types of friends we need who will create impact in your life but among all, positive people are the best ones.

Don’t over react –

People often do over react to the situations which leads to extreme sadness. If something has already happened then instead of overreacting or worrying about it, you need to think on what’s the impact and how can we rectify that.

We over react for many situations when a problems comes up suddenly and does lot of harm to ourselves and sometimes to people around us. All these unnecessary actions lead to the long time depressions and it’s better to stop overreacting for any issue.

Think on solutions rather than problems

Once the problems enters our life, we concentrate more on problem which has already got created and regret on the wrong steps we have taken during the problem creation. One thing we need to remember all the time is we cannot change anything that has already happened but we can control the things that can happen in future.

It’s highly recommended to look out for solutions and seek help if needed instead of worrying about the problem and regretting about that.

Keep your expectations low –

“Expectations always hurts” is the very famous quote everyone needs to believe and the more expectations you keep on anything, it will start hurting you one day or other. Expectations make you weak and once you start expecting something from someone then they go all over you and starts hurting you.

Expect the results for the work you have done and don’t worry on the things that cannot be controlled.


Happiness should always come from within and don’t let something or someone define your happiness. Be happy for the things that has happened, that are happening and those are scheduled for you in future. Any problem can be solved with the smiling face and human brain. Don’t worry on anything that’s not controllable, worry about the process and things you can do in order to achieve the result you desire.

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