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WiFi is the most common word we use in our daily life and our eyes continuously search for a wifi everywhere. If you are able to find a free wifi then you are blessed. Everyone looks out for a wifi name when they are searching for a wifi. Instead of putting your name + wifi, you can put some interesting wifi names like ‘Get in and locked out’ which warns your users directly before attempting to try some random passwords.

Sounds good right, what are you are waiting for? Grab a name for your home wifi from the below list and change it in your router settings.

Not sure how to change the wifi name in the router settings? Don’t worry, I am here to help you out in that process too. Kindly do note that it’s the general procedure for most of the wifi routers and if it’s not working for your router, then we suggest you to check your wifi router manual for the same. Most of the wifi router companies also upload their manuals in their company website so, you can check it online itself.

General Steps To Change Your Wifi Name –

Below are the few steps to change your wifi name easily. This method is tested for Dlink routers which are broadly used across the globe.

1) click on any 2 links given below.

2) If the above two links are not working then try the below few links which might work for you.



3) Once it’s redirected to login page, log in with your username and password. If you haven’t changed any username or password then the default will be ‘admin’ as username and ‘password’ as the password for most of the companies.

4) After successful login, you will be redirected to the network settings page where you can change your Network Name under wireless network options.

5) This may be different for few other brands so explore a bit and you will find the option for sure.

Best And Creative WiFi Names

There are many creative WiFi names as there is no limit to creativity and you can also suggest us few names through the comments section below and our creativity levels are completely drained by writing down all these names and we have also added the Funny WiFi Generator in the post so that it generates the random name for your SSID.

We felt that they are not that much great so, we tried adding most of the creative and funny wifi names. Go through the list and we will be more than happy if you can get one.

be funny- funny wifi names for your router

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Creative Wifi Names For Your Router

  1. Dare to login
  2. It’s My WiFi
  3. I serve only my boss
  4. I am the fastest router
  5. My boss property
  6. Beware
  7. Don’t Connect
  8. Connect And End Up In Jail
  9. My Wifi, My Pwd
  10. Dare to come in
  11. Don’t try
  12. Virus Found
  13. FBI Here
  14. Virus.exe
  15. Login And Screw your Phone
  16. Free Virus Available
  17. Password not available
  18. Praise the lord for pASSword
  19. Finding Wifi
  20. Connecting…
  21. Typing…
  22. I have WiFi, but you don’t
  23. Pay The Bill
  24. Call your dad for money
  25. My WiFi, My Rules
  26. You will die if you tap me
  27. Enter your ATM pin for PWD
  28. Paytm Me 100 for an hour #no
  29. Paypal me 10$ per hour for PWD
  30. RIP your phone
  31. Don’t touch me
  32. I have a boyfriend, beware
  33. No network
  34. I am a terrorist, Don’t connect
  35. ISIS is here
  36. You got into wrong place
  37. Get out of my kingdom
  38. No free services
  39. I am poor, pay my wifi bill for PWD
  40. Touch it if you are homosex
  41. Get lost
  42. Connection lost
  43. Reboot To Connect
  44. Dial 191 for PWD
  45. Dial 108 for PWD
  46. Downloading Virus..
  47. This LAN is my LAN
  48. Avengers LAN
  49. White House – Beware
  50. You are under survillenace
  51. My CC Camera is watching you
  52. My camera is on you
  53. Order a pizza for wifi
  54. Infected Wifi
  55. Stupids Connect to this
  56. I didn’t paid my bill
  57. No WiFi, my previous bill is pending
  58. Call President and ask for pwd

Few More Funny Wifi Names For Your Router

Being funny -creative nad funny wifi names for your router

  1. _(-_-)_/
  2. Selling my friend’s kidney for iPhone 8
  3. Ask StackOverflow for password
  4. 404 WiFi not found
  5. I got you
  6. Please Wait, Loading…
  7. localhost
  8. You will die if you tap me
  9. RIP LAN
  10. Don’t enter into my world
  11. FRIENDS Fans connect here
  12. Enter your ATM PIN for the internet
  13. Call me for password
  14. This is not the WiFi you are looking for
  15. WiFi Connected
  16. Praise the Lord for password
  17. Free WiFi for Nokia 3310
  18. No internet access
  19. Praise the Lord for password
  20. Recharge Rs. 100 to 9876543210 for password
  21. Connecting…
  22. No Network
  23. Don’t touch me
  24. Your music is annoying
  25. You are under CCTV surveillance
  26. Ironman vs Captain America
  27. GOT Fans connect here
  28. Only for poor people
  29. YouTube videos are buffering. Don’t connect
  30. Dad, I failed in maths exam
  31. This is a trap
  32. Installing virus, Please wait
  33. Look your face in the mirror before connecting to WiFi
  34. Downloading virus
  35. No WiFi for you

Didn’t Find Any? Few More For You

Are you not satisfied with our list ? No worries, try the below list and if it also doesn’t help you then try the WiFi names generator tool which we added below. Funny wifi names and creative wifi names

  1. Useatyourownrisk
  2. Harrypotteristhebest
  3. WiFimanager
  4. Iamthebest
  5. No internet access
  6. 404networkerror
  7. Payforit
  8. InfectedWiFi
  9. Momisusingit
  10. It’smyproperty
  11. Underthebed
  12. Pokemon lover
  13. Indiragandhiyojna
  14. Virus
  15. Rajivismyinspiration
  16. Donotusewithoutpermission
  17. Iloveyou
  18. Myfather’sconnection
  19. Mybrowsermyproperty
  20. Connection lost
  21. Abraham lincoln
  22. Don’tunderestimateme
  23. Get the hell out of my WiFi
  24. Android vs iOS
  25. Connect to Geek Dashboard
  26. Cats vs Dogs
  27. This is hotspot, not WiFi
  28. Buy bitcoins soon
  29. I’m Hulk
  30. Please contact your ISP for free internet
  31. Connect for free Justin Bieber songs
  32. Poor signal
  33. Free bitcoins
  34. Click to install ransomware
  35. Click here for Internet Mom
  36. Happy birthday stranger
  37. D:virus.exe
  38. FBI Vehicle #836
  39. Finding WiFi
  40. Must love dogs
  41. Check your credit card bill. lol
  42. Our internet is faster than your’s
  43. WiFi not working
  44. No Signal
  45. Don’t connect to this WiFi
  46. You can’t connect me
  47. Virus Found
  48. I have a boyfriend
  49. I have WiFi but you don’t
  50. Sorry, Wifi is in another castle
  51. Shake your phone for connecting to this WiFi
  52. BSNL too slow
  53. It hurts when you use my Wi-Fi
  54. Connect your Nokia 3310
  55. Ransomware Found
  56. Reboot to connect WiFi
  57. Wi-Fi from Mars
  58. Free WiFi. Just Kidding
  59. Y u no get Wi-Fi
  60. Neighbors, please stop using my Wi-Fi
  61. You are WiFizoned
  62. Connection lost

Funny WiFi Names Generator

If you are looking for a tool which can generate a funny wifi name randomly then, here is the link to the tool. We are not much impresed with the tool as the names are not that much great and the same names looping after few clicks. But, you can try this tool too.

Funny Wifi Name Generator- Click  On This Link

Above is the list of funny wifi names for your home wifi network and funny wifi names generator. we always encourage you to comment few more funny wifi names which you have seen and the funniest name will get a reward of 3$ straight int their bank account. What are you waiting for? let’s share it and start commenting.

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