How To Get Chest Wider At Home? 4 Exercises Without Using Weights

how to make chest wider at home

Admit it, at least once, you’ve stood in front of the mirror and wished your chest was bigger. Know that you’re not alone. Most men have been where you are. And many have gotten past that point by sheer hard work. Nobody is born with the perfect figure, or as science calls it, the perfect Adonis index. Many toils through endless days at the gym while others turn to more dangerous, effortless means like Synthol or plastic surgery. But at the end of the day, it is the natural means that win. how to make chest wider at home make broader chest

So, how Do you make your chest wider by just staying home? Exercise. Doing just push-ups can make your chest pop out more also increase in width and show when you don tight shirts. Keep in mind that the exercises that we’re gonna tell you about don’t involve any fancy gym stuff like dumbbells or barbells. All you’ll need is your own bodyweight and for one exercise, you’ll need two 1 liter bottles or larger, completely filled with water.

Staying at home and able to do workouts is really a great achievement for today’s generation and with the latest advanced technology equipment, it became easier to do more workouts at home targeting different parts of the body. Not only working out but getting fairer skin by staying at home is also possible with the best home remedies.

how to make chest wider at home make broader chest

How to make Chest wider at home?

Below are the best tips to make your chest wider at home without much hard work and effort. Do let us know your experiences through the comments section below so that it will help our users in a much better way.

Push-ups how to make chest wider at home

Push-ups is the most basic form of exercise and anyone can do push-ups. Push-ups focus primarily on pushing the chest out rather than making it wider because first, you need your chest (the pectoral muscles, also called pecs) to show if you want it wide. One other benefit of doing push-ups is that it strengthens your core, meaning the abdominal region since you will be flexing your abdomen while you do push-ups. Other muscles like biceps, triceps, and shoulders are also affected to some extent. how to make chest wider at home

How to do a perfect push up:

Get down on the floor in a plank position with your arms parallel to your lower chest and the fingers pointing away from your body. The reason why you should do this is that if your fingers are pointing towards your body, it means your elbows are probably away from your body. Doing push-ups in this position will have a greater effect on your triceps than your chest. So, you have to make sure your fingers are pointing as much away from your body as possible with your elbows fairly close to your sides but not touching. how to make chest wider at home

Now, push up till your arm is stretched, while exhaling. Make sure your spine is always erect and not hunched. Now, slowly lower down, bending your elbows, as low as you can, while inhaling, but make sure you’re not totally lying down on the floor. This is 1 repetition. Perform 15 repetitions, meaning 15 push-ups or whatever number until you are totally tired out. That makes a set. Perform 3 sets of push ups with 1-minute rest in between each set.

how to make chest wider at home

If you can’t do push-ups

You don’t have to worry. There is something called ‘half push up’. What you do is, you bend your elbows on your feet while performing the same movements as in a push ups. This is easier and will be good for you to do until you are able to perform actual push ups.  how to make chest wider at home make broader chest

 Wide push ups: how to make chest wider at home

Wide push ups are harder than the basic push ups mainly, due to the reason that a large part of the flexing is done by the pectoral muscles. Most people who perform wide push ups have already surpassed 10 push ups in a single set so, it is highly recommended for you to spend more time on doing just the basic push ups, 3-5 sets every day, for a week and you will be ready for wide push ups. how to make chest wider at home make broader chest

How to do a wide pushup at home:

You start out in a plank position, facing the floor with your spine erect and your arms wide and parallel to your shoulders. Push up till your arms are straight while exhaling. Then, slowly lower down to the floor while inhaling but, make sure you don’t end up lying flat on the floor. Remember, the exercise will only be done correctly if there is constant pressure on your pectoral muscles. Perform 10-15 repetitions and do three such sets of 15 repetitions each with 1 minute of rest between each set. how to make chest wider at home make broader chest

Incline Push-ups

Push ups come in three iterations each targeting different parts of the pectoral muscles. The pecs are divided into the upper chest, middle chest, and lower chest. When you do basic push ups, it is the middle chest that is essentially affected. But note that the upper chest plays a significant role in widening your chest. This is largely because of the fact that the upper pectoral muscles or the pectoralis major muscles are connected to your shoulders just like the middle chest, and they comprise a major part of the chest so, isolating them can be done by performing incline push-ups. how to make chest wider at home build a wider chest

How to do incline push-ups:

Incline push-ups are no different from the basic push-ups apart from the fact that in order to do incline push ups, you should place your feet on a raised platform like a bed or a table in such a way that your body is almost parallel to the ground when you push up. Incline push ups are a little harder than basic push ups but not as hard as wide push ups. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions each with 1-minute rest in between each set. how to make chest wider at home

Water Bottle Flyes

Yes, that sounds like I said a water bottle can fly and no, it’s not true. Funny as it sounds, this is a really good beginner’s exercise for widening the chest and the primary focus of this exercise is to widen the chest. It is done in the gym usually, with dumbbells but a couple of bottles will do fine for now. Since you’re just starting out. how to make chest wider at home build a wider chest

How to do water bottle flyers: 

Fill two 1 liter capacity bottles with water. Lie on the floor or on a bench with your arms stretched out sideways, parallel to your shoulder, bottle in each hand. Make sure your elbows are slightly bent. Just barely. And throughout the exercise, maintain that angle of bend. Start by pushing the bottles up till they are above your head, exhaling the whole time. Then, slowly lower them back down again. Perform 3 sets of 15 repetitions each seat with 1 minute of rest between each set.

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Flyes, how to make chest wider at home
Flyes, how to make chest wider at home

Note: Make sure your spine is erect and your back is arched, not humped. And keep your shoulder as low as possible while pushing your chest out completely. This will put total pressure on the chest. If you do the exercise wrong, your shoulders will do part of the lifting and it won’t affect your chest properly. how to make chest wider at home

Arched back, how to make chest wider at home
An arched back, how to make chest wider at home

build a wider chest

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