How To Choose Rotary Industrial Drum Mixer & Uses

Industrial drum mixers are the special crafted electrical appliance to blend mixtures of low viscosity to high viscosity depending on our requirement. These appliances are designed to handle particular kinds of mixtures and are only used for industrial purposes. To be brief, Industrial drum mixer is commonly used in almost every manufacturing industry across the world to mix chemicals, foods, or minerals.

Have you ever tried of setting up an industrial plant or manufacturing unit? If yes, then you would have heard about these industrial drum mixers or industrial rotary mixers which are mandatory for most of the manufacturing units to mix and blend the components perfectly. Setting up a production plant was never an easy task and needs a lot of labor and hardware. Making a career through fortune reading or blockchain marketing is a little easy task compared to production plants but production plants are like long term business and are not affected by every government decision. So, today we will be sharing our knowledge on the uses of industrial drum mixers and how to choose the best ones for your manufacturing plant.

How To Choose Industrial Drum Mixer?

Choosing a perfect rotary industrial drum mixer for your newly established manufacturing plant is the most important step to kick start production. There are multiple brands and hundreds of models available in the market and picking the best one that fits your requirement needs research and expert advice. We will be helping you out with the basic things that need to be looked before placing an order.

Motor specifications need to be considered –

Below are some of the motor specifications that need to be taken into account before placing your order.

Container capacity –

The capacity of the container has to be taken into the preference before placing the order as the production capacity depends on container capacity.

Liquid viscosity –

When force is applied, liquids display different characteristics depending on the force. Complete liquid analysis has to be performed before checking on the industrial drum mixers or rotary drum mixers.

Torque requirements –

Higher torque produces more twisting force to spin an engine or container. The higher the torque, the faster the rotary drum mixer rotates. 

Horsepower (hp) –

Horsepower is torque multiplied by RPM which helps in getting the work done faster. More horsepower helps in completing the work in less time.

Rotational speed (rpm) and diameter of mixing propeller –

The rotational speed is the speed of the motor and rotations it makes every minute to complete the job. The diameter of the mixing propeller plays an important role in perfect blending and the quantity of the ingredients has to be matched with propeller diameter to get the desired output product.

Duty cycle –

50 percent duty cycle and 100 percent duty cycle provides air at a specific pressure and flows 100 percent of the time with the help of a storage tank.

Power supply –

Different appliances require different DC or AC power to operate and based on the local power supply restrictions, we need to plan our appliances.

Industrial Drum Mixer or Rotary drum mixer can also be customized according to your needs as every industry doesn’t need the same type of mixers. For example, the Granite industry needs high RPM and torque machinery compared to the plastic industry. Mixers like atex mixer can be tailored for your needs and customized for your output product. 

Explosive environment mixtures need more safety measures to be preinstalled before making the purchase as there is a chance of producing massive damage. If you are planning to enter the explosive chemicals industry then don’t compromise on safety measures.

Uses Of Industrial Mixers –

Industrial mixers or Rotary drum mixtures are found everywhere across the world in all manufacturing and food processing plants. These are widely used to mix the minerals, processing chemicals, foods mixing, Pharmaceuticals, Plastics, and households.

Conclusion – 

There are many expensive industrial mixers and standard rotary industrial mixers in the market and placing an order needs proper research and analysis on your industry requirements. Don’t jump into any conclusions without having proper research on the liquids, end products, and machinery.

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